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Our "ARUGA BRANCA" wine series of are made 100% from Japanfs indigenous grape variety of gKoshuh.  Koshu has been grown for over 12 centuries here in the Katsunuma region, where climate is harsh yet lively in the distinctive difference of the four seasons.  We feel extremely proud to produce the finest wine from such grapes.

We have produced the "ARUGA BRANCA" wine series with our unique Japanese heritage in mind.  A single drop of "ARUGA BRANCA" will release a rich bouquet and elegant flavours.  We are confident that this would entice you into a whole new world.

In this website, we are introducing some recipes of Japanese dishes to complement our wine.  We hope that you wold try these recipes and enjoy them together with our wine.

 Since its establishment in 1937, Katsunuma Jozo Winery has been cultivating grapes and producing wine for three generations. 

We hope that one day we wiill be able to greet you at our winery here in Katsunuma.


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