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On our website, we also introduce you some Japanese dishes and recipes in addition to wine.
Would you please try to cook and enjoy the Japanese dishes?

Katsunuma Winery Co. was established in 1937, constructed by traditional Japanese style private house.
We have been cultivating grapes and making wines for three generations.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Katsunuma Winery.

Our "ARUGA BRANCA" wine series are exclusively made from Japanese "Koshu grapes" which are species native to Katsunuma. They are produced with the abundant nature of four seasons. We are very proud of producing excellent wines made from such grapes.

"ARUGA BRANCA" wine series have been developed uniquely within the traditional Japanese culture.
The rich bouquet and elegant flavors are released with each drop of "ARUGA BRANCA". We are sure that they will entice you into a whole new world.


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