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aruga branca

The road to perfecting ARUGA BRANCA is full of tough challenges that have to be overcome.

Amongst these challenges the task of improving the quality of Koshu grape has been an unprecedented journey of trial and error.  We have been steadily continuing our wine production, and have now expressed the ultimate flavour of Koshu grapes in a bottle of ARUGA BRANCA.

ARUGA BRANCA is made using only Japanfs oldest Koshu variety of grapes, and is the hallmark of fine wine production in Katsunuma, Japan.

Sparkling White Wine
(Made from 100% Koshu grapes.  Dry White.  Sparkling wine.)

We take pride in the indigenous Japanese grape variety gKoshuh, which has been grown in this region for over 12 centuries. 
To add complexity to the taste, the wine is left in contact with the lees for over 24 months, then left to mature in the tunnel cellar for over three years.  During the long process of secondary fermentation in each bottle, the trapped carbon-dioxide dissolves in the wine, creating diamond-like bubbles that sparkle on your palette. Enjoy the pleasant mellow flavour of Koshu in this refreshing brisk sparkling wine.


Perfectly Clear Aruga White
(Koshu grapes/white/dry.Sur Lie)

We have produced a dry wine, suitable not only for Western all meals. This wine is made from "Koshu grapes" and by using the Sur Lie fermentation method. In the tank, wine and its lees are in contact for some time. The special feature of this wine is suitable for not only Western style dishes but also for Japanese dishes. It suits especially dishes with Japanese condiments such as miso, soy sauce and wasabi.

Aruga White from the Isehara Vineyards
(Koshu grapes/white/slightly dry)

We think that making good wines means making good grapes. We have been involved in producing wines that reflect the individuality of the local climate. This wine is made from "Koshu grapes" harvested from a single vineyard in Isehara. It has an elegant bouquet and it is well balanced , with fresh acidity and delicate sweetness. This wine has very unique character.


Barrel Fermented Aruga White
(Koshu grapes/white/dry)

This wine was born from our dream of making a supreme wine from "Koshu grapes" that would be recognized in the world. During the fermentation process, sugar and acidity are not added and flavour condensed. by itself is fermented in French oak casks for 6 months, and then aged in the bottle for more than two years. It is a complex, well balanced wine which has elegant and fruity flavor with bouquet of the cask.

Sweet White Wine
(Made from 100% Koshu grapes.  Very sweet white dessert wine.)

We have produced this wine by taking care of the sweetness and acidity of the grape itself.  This wine is produced by pressing the concentrated juice out of frozen grapes, resulting in a very sweet rich wine.  The natural sweetness resembling honey and its distinct acidity gives this wine a clean but round taste.  Please enjoy chilled with dessert.

*With RIEDELWine Glass no.416/33 (sauvignon blanc/dessert wine), you can enjoy ARUGA BRANCAfs delicate structure consisting of rich bouquet and taste to another level.

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