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Seasonings for Japanese Cooking

In following pages , we introduce you, Japanese seasonings often used in preparering Japanese dishes.
Pages are going to be updated at any time.

WASABI (Japanese Horseradish)

Grated Japanese horseradish. It's very hot. Wasabi comes in fresh plant for grating,
powder, and prepared wasabi paste in a tube.

KONBU (Dried Kelp)

Dried kelp. It has black or dark brown color. Konbu is one of main ingredients
for preparering the basic Japanese soup stock called "Dashi". Konbu is also used for
flavoring simmered dish.

NIBOSHI (Small Boiled and Dried Sardines)

One of main ingredients for prepareing the basic Japanese soup stock called "Dashi".

KATSUO-BUSHI (Dried Bonito Flakes)

Shaved flakes of dried bonito fish filet. It has pale redish -brown color.
It is used as a flavoring or garnish and one of main ingrdients for prparering
the basic Japanese soup stock called "Dashi".

KARASHI (Japanese Mustard)

Very hot Japanese muatard. Unlike mustard in the western countries,
it doesn't have sour taste. Karashi comes in powder and prepared karashi paste in a tube.


It is a kind of small (about 2.5cm in diameter)and sharp citrus fruit.
Extremely sour. Juice of Sudach Orange is used for flavorung.

MISO (Fermented Bean Paste)

Miso is fermented bean paste ,and it is one of the basic seasoning in Japanese cooking.
Miso has wide variations in flavor, color and texture . "Aka-miso"(red-miso),
"Shiro-miso"(white-miso) and so on.


Japnese spice made from mixture of seven ingredients red hot pepper, sesame, poppy seeds, hemp sees,sanshou(Japnese pepper), dried orange peel and rape. It's very hot. There is also
Japanese spice called "Ichimi-Tougarashi" which is made from only red hot pepper.

SANSHOU (Japanese Pepper)

A tangy spice made of the seed pods of the prickly ash tree.
The pods are ground to powder.


Its size is about 4~8cm in diameter ,and the surface of the fruits is bumpy.
In Japnese cooking, juice or rind of Yuzu Orange is used to add distinctive
fragrance and flavorto the dishes.



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