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Katsunuma is the center of viniculture in Japan, and "Koshu grapes" have been grown for more than 1200 years here in Katsunuma.

Katsunuma is located almost in the center of the main island of Japan , and is at the eastern part of Kofu valley in Yamanashi prefecture

katsunuma landscape

Mountainous region and alluvial fans shaped by several rivers form the geographic features of Katsunuma. The Total area of vineyard in Katsunuma is about 750ha. In the distance of the vineyard spread on the alluvial fans of Katsunuma, one can see the peaks of Japan Alps. The expression shown by the vineyard in the flow of the four seasons colors the scenery of Katsunuma.

map japan yamanashi


Once upon a time, Yamanashi prefecture was called "Koshu" , Therefore the name of the grape which was grown in Yamanashi became "Koshu grape".
The factors that have supported viniculture in Katsunuma for more than 1200 years are many days of fine weather, extreme variation in temperature, and fertile soil with good drainage.

old picture

In Edo period (AD. 1603~1867), Katsunuma was a post-town called "Katsunuma Juku" of Koshu road which was one of the several roads which went through Japan. A scene of "Katsunuma Juku" were grape arbors (traditional viticulture method on Japan) and tea houses selling "Koshu grape" aligned on both sides of the road. This was a very curious sight for travellers, who loved "Katsunuma Juku" as a place to relieving their fatigue. Word of mouth was used by travellers to spread the news about the tasty flavour of the "Koshu grape" all over Japan by word of mouth of travellers, and Katsunuma was known as "Village of grape". The grape storages and tea houses from that period still remain in Katsunuma,

(scene of Katsunuma Juku)

aruga branca envelhecida

In the present time , there are more than 30 unique wineries in Katsunuma. Wine aficionados from all over Japan and foreign come to visit wineries and enjoy the wines made in Katsunuma .

The climate, history and culture of Katsunuma have been brought up with "Koshu grape". Therefore, we would be proud to send our wine "ARUGA BRANCA" that brews the climate and culture of Japan from here Katsunuma to the whole world.


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