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<Quality of Koshu Grape>

The general concept behind abundant crops in Japan, especially when it comes to grape cultivation, is to avoid dense planting of the grape vines within a small area and focus on how yields can be boosted. As a result, the Koshu variety of grape was marketed as a fruit cultivated in large quantities which is low in both sugar content and acidity and to be consumed fresh.

koshu grape

Amidst that backdrop, wine production was carried out using grapes which were low quality and unfit for the fruit market; in other words grapes which were meant for disposal.

The Koshu grape is related to the Vitis Vinifera grape variety used for wine production.

The Koshu grape is the fruit of Japan's and Katsunuma's nature, climate, culture, and the efforts of our ancestors and predecessors.
We are co-existing with this invaluable Koshu variety and boldly attempting to further improve its potential as an ingredient for wine production, and we take pride in introducing it to the people of the world and future generations.


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