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The traditional viniculture method of Japan called gTanashiki-saibaih was invented by a doctor, Tokuhon Kai (1513-1630) here in Katsunuma in Edo period, and it is still the most familiar viniculture method in Japan.

gTanashiki-saibaih is a suitable method for the vigorously growing Koshu grape vines and the highly humid Japanese weather.

In gTanashiki-saibaih, grapes are cultivated on an overhead frame structure.  This overhead frame is constructed by spacing a net between props of about 1.8m high, which are put up on all sides.  The vines extend its branches along the overhead net.

In the European style hedge-type cultivation, many grape vines are planted close to each other and the vines grow upwards.  On the other hand, in Tanashiki-saibai only 1-3 grape trees are planted sparsely in each vineyard so that the nutrients from the soil can be concentrated into those few trees.

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