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<Our Philosophy>

Our goal in wine-making is to bring out the unexposed quality of Koshu grapes ? the quality that has been nurtured in the Japanese climate. 

It is our greatest honour to have been able to write the first page of Katsunumafs wine-making history with our wines becoming the first to be internationally recognized.  We are pleased to have been able to bring joy to our customers all over the world.

aruga branca

There are many wine producing countries known widely for their longstanding tradition of high quality wine production.  While respecting the wine-makers of the world, we pursue to maximize the potential of winemaking in our own climate.  We are making endless effort to produce the finest wine within the climate and culture of Katsunuma, and to produce wines that cannot be made anywhere else in the world. 

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gTo produce only the best, even if it is just one barrel.h

With this ethos, we believe that it is time to boldly put an end to the outdated wine-making procedures and to blaze a new path in Katsunuma, and produce wines that can compete on world stage.  Our Aruga Branca range was the first to be recognized on world stage and set foot in this uncharted territory.  We are confident that wine-making techniques used today in Katsunuma can still improve.  We strive to produce premium wines aiming the world stage as we maximize the blessings of nature, while also continuing to make improvements in the cultivation and wine-making techniques.

Our mission is to bring out the maximum potential of Koshu grapes and present highest quality premium wine to the world.  We hope to revitalize the local wine industry through our wine-making.

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